The Iwamanzi Herald (March/April 2018)

Posted on Sat March 10, 2018.

Stay update on all things Iwamanzi - new arrivals (both wildlife and staff), new ways to travel to us and much, much more!


It’s a beautiful world we live in – and we are always making it better!


Iwamanzi Game Lodge has been embracing the future and progressing in leaps and bounds towards enforcing our position as the premier safari destination of the Province. Here is an update on what we have been up to this month and how we aim to offer you the very best in safari experience:

We have two new employees joining the Iwamanzi family in Louis and Ben. Both have settled in and are bringing innovation and energy to Iwamanzi – we cannot wait for you to meet them! Both have extensive guiding experience together with game farm management skills, ecological know-how and a passion for conservation, wildlife and the great outdoors.


The road less travelled runs through Iwamanzi – and while some say it is the way to go – it is usually a little bumpier! Well – not anymore! We have all been hard at work reconstructing our main game drive roads to withstand even the best of rain. We have also been diligently working at improving our runway ready to welcome our first guests traveling in by air on the 1st of April. We cannot wait to see the first of many, many smooth landings of the year.

The first KLM International crews have arrived and enjoyed their short visit to South Africa between flights to the maximum at Iwamanzi. It is fascinating to sit around the dinner table with some fine wine and hear about the places these professionals have visited and enjoyed between work flights. More KLM crew members are on the way as we write this letter and we are truly privileged to share our world with them! There was also time to host, entertain and share Iwamanzi with 10 young Dutch ladies enjoying their sorority reunion with us. Some wonderful game viewing, target shooting and fine dining was enjoyed by this group of young ladies who have not enjoyed time together since their University days in Amsterdam.


Both Stan and Jacqueline enjoyed some family time in Namibia on the wild Skeleton Coast fishing with the kids – Sebastian and Susannah. They visited an area 250km south of Walvis Bay called Meob Bay where fishing conditions are legendary and the remote scenery is breath-taking. An excess of 200 fish over 4 days were caught by Stan alone, although Jacqueline walked away with the bragging rights after she caught the largest one of the trip! Both children were successful with rod and line while in between dune sandboarding was enjoyed by all.


There is so much beauty to capture and share from Iwamanzi we decided to get the professionals in from RJVR photography. The team found new angles, elements and landscapes to showcase that we have never shared with you before and we are so excited to see and share the final products with you. Stay-tuned and prepared to be amazed by the work of RJVR!


Finally, we also welcomed a new baby Rhino to the farm. Broomstick– the legendary “first mother” of Iwamanzi – has had another calf and the little bull is looking strong and ready to take on the world. Every new one is a reminder of the desperate fight we are at the forefront of for the survival of this species.  You visiting us means we can fund the intense security operations required to protect these marvellous animals. We will also shortly be launching our Iwamanzi Rhino Fund which will enable you to support our conservation and anti-poaching efforts from all around the world!

That’s it from us for this month! You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date on Iwamanzi’s activities. We are proud to share Iwamanzi with you as a dream holiday destination for you and your family. Email us at and let us make your dream a reality. We trust you enjoyed a blessed Easter weekend with family and travel safe!

With all our Iwamanzi love,


            The Iwamanzi team